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  • What is included when I order a new Redimark date coder? You’ll receive all components that are necessary to get you up and coding—a coder, tablet controller, TC12 mount, power supply, a starter-sized ink cartridge, blank USB flash drive for backups and more, as well as all necessary cabling, of course. And—it comes pre-assembled. Just mount it in place, plug it in, and put in the cartridge.
  • What substrates and package types are compatible with Redimark coding systems? Using the right ink for the packaging material is critical, so use our Product Advisor to help with product selection if you are unsure about which ink to use for your substrate. Redimark systems can print on plastics of nearly every kind, paper materials such as labels, cartons, boxes, bags, and aluminum foil, trays, and laminated pouches. Flat surfaces are best, since the inkjet throw distance (the distance between the print head and the product) needs to be 1-3mm for optimal print quality. While we pride ourselves in the wide range of applications that are suited to Redimark inks, it’s best to mark clean and dry packaging surfaces.
  • I am trying to code on a curved or uneven surface. How do I know that the TC12 thermal inkjet date coder will work for this? The TC12 has a jet throw distance range of 5mm or 3/16″, or approximately a pencil width. The substrate that you are inkjet coding cannot be an obscure surface or have a radial curve greater than the 5mm throw distance from the print head. QUICK CHECK: If the inkjet code appears blurry, faded, or spread out, this could indicate that your product is too far away from the print head nozzles.
  • Is it easy to install the system? Yes, it’s remarkably simple. It’ll take about 5 minutes from opening the box to printing your first code. See just how simple in our TC12 quick start guide.
  • What kind of product support is offered? Our Customer Success Engineers are available 5am – 5pm PST (pacific standard time). You can reach out to them via our toll-free phone number 1-844-770-REDI (7334), on chat, and at [email protected]. Our Redimark answering service is available 24/7 and can be reached at the same toll-free number 1- 844-770-7334 (REDI).
  • What is the Product Advisor? Through a brief series of questions, the Product Advisor can match your application to one or more of our inks and coders and will let you know which products are the best match for your needs. You don’t have to sign in to use it, just click and go.
  • Do I have to register to use the Product Advisor? You don’t have to register. The Product Advisor has one job: to help match your application requirements with our inks and coders. No registration, no phishing, just informed and intelligent advice.
  • Do I have to use the Product Advisor to purchase a coder or ink? No. you can go directly to the product pages, look at data sheets, and make your own decisions.

Purchase Process

  • When will my order ship? Same business day if ordered by 11am PST, next business day if ordered after 11am PST. We will email you a shipping confirmation with the tracking number after your order has shipped.
  • What shipping methods are available? Standard shipping is free. We use FedEx for shipping. Depending on your location, you may have several options to choose from. Options generally include: Express Saver, 2-day and overnight. Choose the shipping option that best suits your needs during checkout.
  • Do you ship internationally? Not yet, but check back soon.
  • What payment methods can I use? All major credit cards are accepted: MasterCard, Discover, Visa & Amex.
  • When will my credit card be charged? Your card will be charged when you place your order.
  • Will I be charged sales tax? Yes. You will be charged the appropriate sales tax for the shipping address used.
  • What if I have sales tax exempt status? We are not set up for any tax exemptions that do not correlate to the shipping address, but your local state tax authority may be able to help with this type of tax exemption.

Can I cancel my order?
Yes! Just contact us before it ships out. Already shipped out? No worries, we have a no-hassle, 30-day return policy. Learn more about our return process in our Terms and Conditions.

Can I get a replacement part instead of having to return the entire TC12 date coder?
Absolutely. Just contact our Customer Success Engineers at [email protected], on chat, or call them at 844.770.REDI and they’ll help assess the issue and send out a replacement.

Do I have to pay for TC12 replacement parts?
It’s free of charge as long as it has been less than one year from date of purchase and the defect and damage falls within our Terms and Conditions.

Do Redimark TC12 warranty replacement parts come with a guarantee?
You’re darn tootin’ they do! All Redimark replacement parts – replaced under the original coder warranty – are covered for 90 days, or until the original coder warranty expires, whichever comes last.

Can I return or replace individually sold TC12 date coder parts and accessories?
You sure can. Here is the breakdown:

    • 30-days to return any parts or accessories still in good working condition complying with our Terms and Conditions for refund.
    • 90-days to return any defective parts or accessories as described in our Terms and Conditions for replacement.

Excludes ink.

Post Purchase

Why do I need a Redimark account?
Your account gets created when you purchase a system from us.

The Redimark account lets you…

  • Easily reorder ink
  • Manage your profile
  • Access your order history

How do I activate my coder?

Activation is currently not required.


I just received my ink, what do I need to know to keep the ink in good condition? All ink cartridges should be covered when not in use. When production is paused, the cartridge should be removed and the nozzles should be covered. The T801K and T602K inks come with a storage clip for nozzle protection. It’s recommended that you keep this storage clip. If the clip is unavailable, placing a small square piece of adhesive tape over the nozzles will keep them clean and ready to code. For complete care and instruction see our ink data sheets.

How do I know if my ink cartridge nozzles are clogged? You may have a clogged print cartridge if you are experience any of the following:

  • Your codes appear faded or streaky
  • The code is not even appearing despite the green light flashing and the print count incrementing

How do I unclog the print cartridge nozzles? Wipe the front of the cartridge with a lint-free wipe. The stain that should appear on the wipe should be a dark streak that looks like a thick black marker stripe. Proceed to wipe until this mark occurs. If problem persists, replace the cartridge.

What does the term “print idle time” refer to? The term “print idle time” refers to the decap time, or the time that a cartridge can be left uncovered while not in use before it needs to be covered using either the cartridge clip included with the cartridge or a small piece of scotch tape.

What if my TC12 date coder stops working?
Contact our Customer Success Engineers who can immediately troubleshoot the issue with you and send out same-next day replacement parts as needed.

5am – 5pm PST:
[email protected]
844.770.REDI (7334)

5pm – 5am PST:
844.770.REDI (7334) – monitored 24/7. Leave us a message and our on-call Customer Success Engineer will call you back.


Software Updates

Redimark chat has been discontinued. Please Click Here for support.

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