Actually, it’s not about us. It’s about You. In fact, empowering you is our mission. Combining modern date coding technology with simple, intuitive design and DIY installation, the power is in your hands.


We’re Redimark. We are based in beautiful Portland, Oregon. And, even as you read this, our development team is happily working on the next generation of small character marking and coding solutions.

Our awesome Customer Success Team members are ready to support you.

Dean Hornsby

Brand Evangelist

Dean has been known to wax poetic about beautifully printed ‘open by’ codes on Craft Beer labels.

Annette Aranda

Marketing Maestro

Annette enjoys a nice, clean code printed on the top of an open jar of Choi’s Kimchi, preferably with a side of rice and seaweed, or a nice bagel and cream cheese.

Meghan Drost

Customer Success Engineer

Meghan regularly tests adhesion of codes printed on the sides of Energy Drinks during long hikes and soccer matches.


Friendly and approachable, brand ambassador Redi Rabbit embodies both the leap forward and the simplicity that Redimark brings to marking and coding. Like our Redimark coders, Redi Rabbit is quick and nimble, and can fit into tiny spaces like under the garden gate.


Try Redimark. With a no-hassle 30-day return policy, what do you have to lose?


The Redimark Difference

We’ve worked in this industry. We know what it’s like to code with continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers—the messy solvents, the hassle, the maintenance, the downtime, the support contracts, the sales people, the expense…

So we decided to do something about it. We didn’t set out to just make a better thermal inkjet (TIJ) printer. We set our sights much higher: to make the entire experience—from purchasing to installation, operation and maintenance—as simple and customer-friendly as possible.

Where no TIJ has gone before

What makes our coder so innovative where other TIJ printers fall short? Our high-performance, fast-drying inks can be used in applications where traditional TIJ printers just can’t work.



Use our totally anonymous, no commitment Product Advisor to discover which inks will work for your application. No registration is required until checkout. No sales people will bug you. Ever.


Enjoy our user-friendly online purchasing experience. Choose your coder and inks, pay with a credit card, and voilà: it ships!


The coder arrives fully assembled. Take it out of the box and you can be up and coding within about 5 minutes.


The touch screen controller makes everything easy and Redimark uses thermal inkjet technology, which means it’s low maintenance. But if you do need support, we’re here for you by phone 24/7/365.


1-844-700-REDI (7334)



If you just want to say hello or have a media inquiry, we’d love to hear from you! [email protected]

27520 SW 95th Ave
Wilsonville, OR 97070

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