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TC12 date coder printing on folding carton

The Redimark TC12 thermal inkjet date coder is very ink efficient; every drop that jets out hits the target substrate, the ink drops are not oversized, and the printed code is scalable to the desired code size. The difference between thermal inkjet (TIJ) and continuous inkjet (CIJ) ink drops is one reason why once compact TIJ print head ink cartridge delivers an enormous quantity of printed codes.


The ink drop that is propelled from a TIJ print head ink cartridge is roughly half the diameter of a human hair. The smaller drop size is more effective and economical as the printed code can be scaled up to the right vertical size by activating more nozzles as needed.

The same cannot be said about CIJ coders that jet larger ink drops. The CIJ ink drop is roughly ten times the diameter of a TIJ ink droplet and the ink drop size cannot be reduced to scale the printed code height down. The native drop size of a CIJ inkjet printer is the bare minimum size you have to work with. Unlike a CIJ, there is also no solvent consumable during operation or cleaning required with thermal inkjet (TIJ) date coder.

CIJ vs TIJ ink drops


The Redimark TC12 thermal inkjet date coder will display the actual ink usage in terms of number of codes per cartridge based on your entered date code. This allows you to estimate cartridge usage per production run and estimate when to restock on ink. Redimark also has an ink usage guide that can help estimate how many codes per cartridge to expect depending on code length, size, and ink density, or how dark you want your code to print.


Redimark’s high-quality inks come in two different sizes of ink cartridges, SR (short-run) and Xl (extra-large). The short-run ink cartridge is included with every purchase of a Redimark TC12 thermal inkjet date coder and contains 60% volume of the XL capacity ink cartridge.

Each extra-large capacity ink cartridge (XL) ink cartridge are sold individually and contains 45ml of ink.  There are two ink types to choose from the T602K ink with a 2 to 5 second dry time and prints on plastics, films, coated labels or paperboard material, and the T801K ink with a 1 to 2 second dry time and prints on virtually any material substrate.

Redimark TIJ Fast Dry Inks

Redimark has an ink for virtually all common packaging materials. If you are not sure what ink to use, simply try our Product Advisor, Our Product Advisor will ask a few questions and guide you to the recommended ink type in a matter of minutes. Redimark has re-invented inkjet coding to make the experience simple and efficient.

Date coding made simple - shop now

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