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A Better Way to Buy Ink


Current consumer buying habits are creating unpredictable production demands requiring CPG manufacturers to ramp production lines up and down at a moment’s notice, making ink forecasting difficult. Many of our customers find it a delicate balancing act to keep enough ink on hand for production up times, while not having to carry the cost of extra ink inventory or risk it will expire during production downtimes.

You Asked

  • For the ability to buy ink in quantities other than two and five packs
  • Continued bulk purchase discounts on ink
  • For an easier online experience picking the right ink type and cartridge size

We Listened

  • T801K and T602K XL single cartridges are now available for purchase online
  • Same price per XL cartridge
  • Automatic discount applied to five or more XL cartridges of the same ink type
  • Streamlined ink type and cartridge size product offerings:
    • XL cartridges, with 40% more ink than the SR (short-run) cartridge, available for purchase
    • SR, starter-size, ink cartridges included with Redimark TC12 thermal inkjet printer purchases
    • Ink compatibility matrix and print sample images added to ink product pages

Order the exact number of XL ink cartridges you need at the same great price per cartridge and bulk-purchasing discounts!

We are committed to your success


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