T401K – Short Run


Perfectly sized for trying out the ink or for low volume applications. T401K is a co-solvent black ink and dries instantly on non-coated porous paperboard substrates. Delivers 60% print count output of XL cartridge. Dries instantly on porous coated paperboard. Ideal for applications where the printed code on paperboard may come into contact with water. Offers up to 2 minutes of print idle time. (This short run cartridge can print approximately 100,000-300,000 1/8″ 8 character codes).

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What's in the box?

Starter-size black ink for non-porous coated substrates with 6 to 8 seconds dry time, or instant dry on porous paperboard. 2-minute print idle time.

Package Dimensions

Box Dimensions4.5 x 3 x 1.25
Box Weight3.7 oz

Recommended Products

  • Good for: Cardboard, kraft paper, coated paperboard, uncoated paperboard, SBS, and most plastics


    • 2-5 seconds dry time
    • 24 hours print idle time
    • 1 short-run (27ml) cartridge
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  • Good for: Coated labels, films, foils, metals, and plastics

    One Redimark T801K short-run ink cartridge


    • 1-2 seconds dry time
    • 20 minutes print idle time
    • 1 short-run (27ml) cartridge
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