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A New Hope for Inkjet Printing

This is the Droid You Seek Redimark TC12 Inkjet Date Coder Banner

Not too long ago, in a galaxy not too far away…

It was a period of consumer unrest. Shoppers faced toilet paper hoarders and wide-spread stock shortages. CPG manufacturers, leading the rebellion against supply chain slowdowns, looked to a new technology in thermal inkjet date coding to quickly and affordably increase production, the Redimark TC12. A date coding droid army available at the touch of a keyboard with 24/7 online ordering and easily deployed with same day order processing** and free shipping.

Keeping secret rebel CPG production bases secure by not requiring any outside service or sales people, the TC12 is the perfect print copilot for any production squadron. The TC12 unapologetically prints first with an out-of-the-box print ready design and speed-of-light-like startup speeds, helping production lines ramp up in as little as a day.

Friendly and intuitive, like other beloved droids, the TC12 makes it easy for operators to get the perfect print on primary, secondary, and tertiary packages. A magnetic conveyor mount makes it possible to fly any TC12 inkjet printer anywhere on the production line with ease.

Pew, pew, pew, just like that the TC12 can print best buy date codes, lot and batch codes for product traceability, and even coded messages for an old Jedi master if needed…if it is text, the TC12 can print it.

At only $1,495 each, there is no need to barter with planetary scavengers or make deals with a giant, slug-like alien on a sand planet to afford a droid army of TC12 thermal inkjet printers.

Get your TC12 droid army today

*By droid we, of course, mean the Redimark TC12 thermal inkjet date coder. Other droid models (R2, C3, BB) are not available for online purchase at redimark.com, but we heard they can be found off-planet.

**Orders placed before 11 am PT.

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