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Dandy Breeze Creamery Milk White and Chocolate Milk

At Redimark we love being a part of your business’ success and we love hearing your stories. We’ll get to Redimark’s role in a bit, but first:


Tom and Sally Waitt met at Purdue, married, and in 1983 started the Dandy Breeze dairy farm. The farm gets its name from an expression Tom’s grandmother would say anytime she felt a breeze; it was always a dandy breeze.

Dandy-Breeze-Creamery-FarmTom’s dream was to have his own creamery and directly sell his product to others who would appreciate quality milk. In the summer of 2017, that dream became a reality with the start of Dandy Breeze Creamery.

Located on the Waitt family farm in Sheridan, Indiana, Dandy Breeze Creamery sells fresh whole white milk, chocolate milk, and limited-edition strawberry milk.

Just two years in and Tom and Sally Waitt have already made quality and sustainability a priority by never homogenizing and only gently pasteurizing the milk that comes exclusively from their 100% grass-pastured Jersey cows.

Dandy Breeze Creamery reports high amounts of protein, calcium, and omega-3 are found in Jersey cow milk, and not homogenizing the milk allows for easier absorption and digestion of the naturally occurring good fats, as well as produces a decadent layer of cream at the top. Gently pasteurizing for only 15 seconds prevents the milk from being denatured by over-heating and uses around 4K less energy than the standard 30-minute bulk vat pasteurization process.

Dandy Breeze BottleDandy Breeze Creamery’s milk goes into BPA free, PET plastic bottles that, like glass bottles, give the consumer the ability to see the contents. In comparison to glass bottles, the PET plastic bottles have a pinch grip for easy pouring and weigh 10x less, resulting in less C02 put in the air each year. 

The Waitt’s circumvented the unique date stamping challenges that can come with curved, transparent, and opaque packaging, like glass and plastic beverage bottles, by printing the date code on top of the bottle cap. They achieved optimal code quality and readability by finding a flat surface with a well-defined edge, non-reflective material, and by using ink with a 1-2 second dry time (Redimark T801K). Printing on the lid versus the bottle or label keeps a clear view of the product and branding. 

I wish we would have had [the TC12] printer when Tom started the creamery.

Locating the perfect print placement isn’t the only challenge when it comes to printing lot, batch, or date codes. Finding the right inkjet printer can also be challenging, as the Waitt’s experienced. The first inkjet printer they tried was user-friendly, but “The time we wasted trying to change ink and or toner, the placement of the date, and getting the thing to work properly was an exercise in frustration!” explains Susan Gossard, Tom Waitt’s sister, who assists with bottling at the creamery.

Looking for a new inkjet printer that would eliminate frustration and time-wasting tasks, Tom came across Redimark, an e-commerce company specializing in making the date coding process simple. After researching the Redimark TC12 thermal inkjet date coder on Redimark’s online product catalog and Redimark’s YouTube channel, Tom was ready to give it a try. The TC12’s $1,495 price tag and 30-day, no-hassle return policy made trying out the date coder risk-free.

Adding the Redimark TC12 to the Dandy Breeze Creamery production line streamlined the dating of the bottles significantly. “I really like that the ink dries so quickly. This printer . . . has made the process of getting the date on [the bottles] and into the cooler so much faster,” Susan remarked, “There is no extra toner to buy along with the ink, and the date code process has sped up! I wish we would have had [the TC12] printer when Tom started the creamery.”

The on-demand support of the Redimark Customer Success Team and ease-of-use of the Redimark TC12 date coder has helped the Dandy Breeze Creamery team save time and some extra milk money without sacrificing quality.

Tom and Sally bring thoughtful consideration and practical know-how to everything they do: from the care of the cows and quality of the milk to the easy-to-read date code printed on the bottle caps. Thanks to the dream and determination of the Waitt family (and some pretty special ladies from the Island of Jersey), Indiana residents can easily get farm-fresh, grass-fed cow’s milk in an eco-and-user-friendly bottle.

Dandy-Breeze-Jersey-Cow Dandy Breeze Creamery - Jersey Girl

Want more amazing facts on Jersey cows, farm-fresh milk, or printing on PET bottles? Email us! 



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