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5 Amazing Features of the Redimark TC12 Thermal Inkjet Date Coder

Redimark TC12 thermal inkjet date coder, swivel mount, ink cartridge, how-to video, and account view

Redimark is raising the bar when it comes to small character coding and marking. The Redimark TC12 thermal inkjet date coder is designed to do what other thermal inkjet printers can’t…provide high-quality prints with all the performance and none of the maintenance, a remarkably simple user experience, and all at an affordable price.

5 Amazing Features of the Redimark TC12 Thermal Inkjet Date Coder:



TC12 Product Detection

TC12 Built-in Product Detection Sensors

Inkjet date coders need to know when to print on the moving folding carton, label, container, or product lid. A basic requirement for any inkjet coder is a product detection sensor to provide print activation. For most coders, this is an external device. Redimark believed it could simplify the coder installation if it built the product detection sensors in the face of the print head. Not only do these sensors detect products, but they can also detect line direction of travel and speed – making setup a breeze. Of course, there is always the option to connect an external product detection sensor, should you prefer it.




When it comes to mounting industrial products, we live in a right angle world! Redimark challenged the rules with the mounting hardware and integrated a swivel mount for the touchscreen tablet controller and print head. Now a Redimark user can position these devices at any angle they please, making the installation and use a lot friendlier.




Redimark TIJ Fast Dry Inks

Redimark TC12 Ink Cartridge

Who says thermal inkjet (TIJ) can only print onto porous materials? Yes, we broke the rules here too. Redimark set out to change small character inkjet coding by introducing fast-drying, solvent-based TIJ inks that print onto virtually any material substrate and dry within seconds.

Redimark Fast Dry Inks

Redimark fast-drying inks are suitable for date coding plastic materials

There is really no need to continue using continuous inkjet (CIJ) technology now that Redimark offers fast-drying inks.



Redimark Customer Account View

Redimark Customer Account

Redimark wanted to make the online buying process as simple as possible, so along with not having sales people or service contracts, they also don’t require any account creation before purchase. After purchase, you’ll have access to your own dedicated Redimark account where you can easily reorder ink, manage your profile, and access order history. Just one more way, Redimark is simplifying the date coding process.



Redimark Getting Started Video Thumbnail

Redimark TC12 Getting Started Video

Redimark set out to empower its customers by combining modern date code technology with easily accessible resources to get users of varying experiences levels up and printing. With a robust resource library with how-to videos, FAQs, data sheets, digital guides and a Customer Support Team available on live chat, email, and 24/7 by phone.


These great features make the Redimark TC12 thermal inkjet date coder remarkably simple to use.


About Dean Hornsby

As Redimark’s Brand Evangelist, Dean is a passionate guy. Passionate about sharing his deep knowledge about packaging and automation, passionate about exceptional customer satisfaction, and a bit nutty about perfectly printed date codes. Nothing makes him happier than matching Redimark’s solutions with your business’s coding and marking needs (well, that and a good craft beer). In his more than 25 years in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry, Dean has done and seen it all; from engineering to plant automation to vision and coding systems. Have a question for Dean? He’d love to chat.


Blog updated 10/21/19. 

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